About Us

We believe there’s a right prescription for everyone’s hair, and we can help you find yours.

A subsidiary of the ProfilePRO brand and based in the United States, the HairRx line of products includes over 100 original hair care formulas designed to meet your hair’s individual needs, and is now, the ALL-IN-ONE Hair Perfecting Formula,  ideal for all hair types.

HairRx’s ALL-IN-ONE Hair Perfecting Formula contains 1% CBD, delivered via Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract that comes from organically grown hemp plants. HairRx products are 100% free of psychoactive THC and include omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids, protein, and vitamins. For more information about CBD, click here .

The HairRx ALL-IN-ONE Hair Perfecting Formula also contains 3% PhytoKeratin Plus, a plant-based keratin that gives hair greater strength and elasticity.

Our proprietary formula was conceived by our co-founder, Jodi Dery, and developed exclusively for HairRx at the renowned Originitalia Labs in Italy. HairRx’s ALL-IN-ONE Hair Perfecting Formula is already in use in salons around the country and is now available for customers to order directly.